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Mechanical Engineering in Southeast Alaska
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Modern Mechanical LLC is a mechanical engineering firm located in Juneau, Alaska. We specialize in the design of feasible and cost-effective solutions for our harsh climate in Southeast Alaska.

Our company has over 30 years’ of engineering experience including design, design-build, consult, balance, and on-site problem solving.

We have a unique perspective on the function and need for integration of different systems for an effective finished project. Our lead professional engineer Shane Hooton, has a hands-on approach and experience with: fabrication, piping, plumbing, on-site adjusting, balancing and trouble shooting. Our Design Engineer, Dylan Bratlie, also has hands on experience with all aspects and technical applications.

Our company recognizes that other participants on a project can provide insights and suggestions. Long-term working relationships with contractors provide us with information on equipment and manufactures that function well in the Southeast Alaska environment. Our firm believes in the experience of past projects, as well as staying knowledgeable on new and upcoming technologies. With this level and depth of experience, we have a broad capacity and scope to effectively work on and complete, a variety of projects.

Modern Mechanical, LLC renews continuing education requirements annually and specifically, reviewing Title 19 for our discipline on all projects. Building codes and permitting requirements are frequently reviewed components of our jobs, as well as specifications that need to be met by DEC, DNR, and DOT. Our firm has also successfully navigated the entire permitting and building process for the commercial building located on 5326 Shaune Dr.

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